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Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to Upload to multiple stocksites at once for free with Adobe Lightroom [Part 1 of 2]

Ever since I've starting to upload my photo's to some microstock sites I always have been looking for the easiest and fastest way possible to upload them to the microstock sites I'm on.

The reason I upload my photo's to multiple microstock sites lies in the fact that you only can make some money if you upload either a lot photo's or some photo's to a lot of microstock sites. Since I don't have a lot of photo's to upload to microstock sites I choose the latter, I upload to a lot of microstock sites.

When you do the math it becomes obvious. Lets say I have 20 photo's that are good enough to upload to microstock sites and I upload them to 25 microstock sites I have effectively the same exposure as with 500 photo's But do it with 500 photo's and you reach a whopping 12500 photo's online. So in order to put in a year 12500 photo's online you only have to shoot 5 decent pictures in a weekend that you can upload to a microstock site.

I almost forgot to tell you how I came by the number 5, A year has 365 days divide that by 7 weekdays ~ 52 multiply that number by the days of a weekend 2 and you get 104 days. In 104 days you have to shoot 500 pictures to get 12500 pictures online. In fact you have to shoot 5 every weekend. That is more manageable than the sheer amount of 12500.


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