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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to delete the deleted Items folder in Exchange 2003


I had a problem that users used the deleted Items as a filing cabinet.
This is how we got rid of that J

There are 2 ways accomplishing this task one is via GroupPolicy and one is through Exchange System Manager.
In this article I’ll discuss the latter because I love to use the tools builtin in ESM.

Go to ESM


Then go to the folder recipients in ESM and hit the right mousebutton.
And choose [Recipient Policy]


The dialogbox New Policy appears check the checkbox [Mailbox Manager Settings] and hit [OK]

Now give the Policy a meaningfull name
And Hit the [Modify] button because I want this policy only to be applied to the office department in Amsterdam.
I’ll show you how I can do that.
In the find Exchange Recipients dialogbox go to the dropdownbox find and choose Custom Search.


In the Custom Search Tab choose Contact and select Department.
(I use in ADUC the organization tab and I fill the department field with Amsterdam for users in the OU Amsterdam)



Now click [Add]

The filter will appear in the condition list and we can hit the [OK] button

You’ll get a message

You can hit [OK]

When you use a custom search your ldap query is very short.


If I would have used the exchange recipients my query would look like this.
(&(&(&(& (mailnickname=*)
(objectCategory=msExchDynamicDistributionList) )))

We now go to the actual Settings TAB [Mailbox Manager Settings (Policy)]

In the dropdown list [When processing a mailbox] I chose Delete Immediately.
You can also let a report be generated but that is not what we want.
Only set the checkbox for Deleted Items and I edited the rule like this


This way all Items older than 30 days are deleted.
The policy is set and we have completed the first part, now we have to go to the mail server in ESM which is under Administrative groups,


When you select the server hit the right mouse button and choose properties.
Then go to the TAB [Mailbox Management]

Choose the settings you like but let it not interfere with a backup or defragment process which both should run every night (at least in my case it is)

I hope this helps you in getting rid of those users who use the deleted items folder as a filing cabinet.

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