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Monday, August 25, 2008


VMWare takes a giant leap past Microsoft and Xen by providing EXSi as a free download.
I used VMWare server a lot I created a Load Balancing and a Clustering SQL server on a single Laptop. This was done for a usability test for ABN-AMRO.

But now with EXSi this takes a whole new level, this will lower the difficulty with baremetal restores (those are the one we hate do we? )

Download it at http://www.vmware.com/products/esxi/ remember to check if your server on the HCL list

Check it out!

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johnkel2000 said...

Cool. What type of laptop did you use? I want to do something similar and would like to know what type of laptop to use. Did you\do you work for ABN AMRO. I worked there for 8 years..