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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TrueCrypt 6.0 !

TrueCrypt is changing fast it seems only yesterday when version 4 came out.
When they released version 5 earlier this year with the support for encrypted filesystems I didn't think they would release version 6 anytime soon.

But hey here it is and it should be pretty neat considering the following

Ability to create and run an encrypted hidden operating system whose existence is impossible to prove (provided that certain guidelines are followed).  For more information, see the section Hidden Operating System.   (Windows Vista/XP/2008/2003)
For security reasons, when a hidden operating system is running, TrueCrypt ensures that all local unencrypted filesystems and non-hidden TrueCrypt volumes are read-only. (Data is allowed to be written to filesystems within hidden TrueCrypt volumes.)
Note: We recommend that hidden volumes are mounted only when a hidden operating system is running. For more information, see the subsection Security Precautions Pertaining to Hidden Volumes.

You can download trueCrypt here

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