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Monday, January 28, 2008

[Solved] Explorer.exe protection fault when trying to view print properties HP Laserjet

We had this problem this morning suddenly the printer was buggy.
Trying to edit the printer properties resulted in an Explorer.exe message somthing like this:

C:\Winnt\Explorer.exe error. Function address 0x4f4c49f9 caused a protection fault. (exception code 0x0000005) Some or all property page(s) may not be displayed

And I saw this in the application eventlog.

An unhandled win32 exception occurred in spoolsv.exe [1084].

Luckily the spooler did still work for other printers connected than the HP one.

I suspected a driver corruption and installed the drivers for the HP 2300n from the HP site.
That did not help still the same message but I got into the printer properties and got to the driver properties.
I then installed the old drivers we had backupped. But again at no avail.

After searching the net I installed the HP Universal Print Driver [UPD].


This solved the problem.

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