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Thursday, December 27, 2007

How to make money with blogging.

I've got a quite substantial "extra" income with my Google Adsense ads on my blog.
And I wll try to share the wealth with you, no I will not give you money I will post the most crucial tips into getting that extra bit of money every month.

  1. Write about something you know about don't just post keywords in a blog entry that will not help.
  2. Find a niche ! 
    In what are you good at ?
    What do you do that makes you special ?
  3. Create channels to show relevant ADS for your blog / or do precisely the opposite.
  4. Post regular (bi-weekly seems best for me)
  5. Create a quite a few blogs where you apply all the above.
  6. Do not copy whole articles from other bloggers/sites google can/and will give you a penalty.
  7. Generate Traffic, signup by either feedburner / payperpost



There are quite a few more tricks you can use and I will write about them in the near future, so stay tuned.

Logmein Update

If you followed my last posts about logmein you know that I ran into trouble, with going to fullscreen mode in internet explorer 7.
Those problems seems to be resolved in the newest download of logmein.


download the latest version of logmein here




Above you can see a screenshot of a remote session I did.

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Top 5 of the best freeware / opensource software for network admins of 2007

The end is near (of 2007 that is) so its time for those lists again.
Today I post my top 5 of the best freeware,crippleware,adware and opensource software I have used in 2007.
To start off with this list I must first define a definition of freeware, freeware in my eyes is software that you can use freely.
In that light also crippleware is included in my list. And so if opensource.

This year has been quite a year for freeware. Just take a look at the amounts of money spiceworks and for example crossloop gathered through investors. see the pressreleases here for the spiceworks pressrelease and here for the crossloop press release. It seems that the industry is picking up those marbles out there.

  1. SpiceWorks Desktop
  2. Logmein Free Edition
  3. Comodo Personal Firewall Pro
  4. Nessus Security Scanner
  5. Prtg Traffic Grapher

1. Spiceworks Desktop

This is for me a really handy application, it saves me time everyday I use it.
It keeps tracks of all events in my environment, new software installs it show me if the Antivirus applications are up to date.

2. Logmein Free Edition

If you follow my blog you know I use this program quite a lot.
It enables me to connect to remote location very easily and without any hassle.


3. Comodo Personal firewall pro






Comodo is consitently in the top of Matousec Leak Test therefore it is in my toplist.
If you look at the last screen you can see that you can export your settings, and import them even at another computer.

I hope Comodo will bring out this year a network administration interface to manage multiple clients.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Spiceworks 2.0

Today or Yesterday my favorite network management software went out of beta.
I was using the beta version of 2.0 quite a while now, and didn't had any problem running it. So I followed the instructions to upgrade to the final release and all went smooth!

If you are managing a network / computers this tool is really invaluable!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to restore a file in a DFSroot with BackupExec

After my last rant about Backup Exec I'm here to unleash another one.
You can't simply restore a file to a dfsroot!

  • You will have to manually stop the DFS service first before you try to restore something in the dfsroot.


I hope BackupExec will try to resolve this issue right now!