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Friday, November 09, 2007

Backup Exec 10d [Append Explained]

Well I've found out the hard way how append actually works in Backup Exec.
I thought and I think most of the people that when you create a job and in that job you select "Append to media overwrite when no appendable media is found" that the job would overwrite your media when there is no more room on the tape. This is partially true.

This does NOT work when you have set your Media set to "Infinite - allow append" then it will append until your media becomes full and then asks you for new media, I've found this quite confusing.

The trick is that you have to set the append period for your media set to a period of time otherwise your media will not be able to be overwritten when your tape becomes full.

I've set my media set to an append period of one 1 week after that the media set will be overwritten by the backup job. I have enough space for that make sure when you create your append period that you have enough room on your tape for that period, a long period works best with incremental/differential jobs obviously.

I hope this helps you in creating your backup jobs.


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Surjeet said...

Thank you for your comment. it really clear things up.


David said...

Thanks for your post, very informative

Taiyab Hasan said...

It is a very good tip to come out vaulting the tapes daily/weekly/monthly

www.RajatKondal.info said...

The article tells me exactly what i was looking for. I was having a bad time setting up tape backup on a SBS 2011 for a client.
I hate tapes. But some customers love them and you cant argue with them.