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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kaspersky Silent Install through Administration Kit

Well this one boggled me lately. I read the manual that came with the Kaspersky Administration Kit version 5.0.1152 but I read it over and over again I could not find any procedure on how to create an silent install package. Yes I could find that you could "change" the network install package so you can copy the settings for furter packages. But but, how to create those packages c'mon guys give an admin a break!

I searched the Kaspersky forum for any hints.
But all I got back was that I performed an illegal search, I searched for:


So after browsing through 200 messages manually I finally found what I was looking for: How to create an silent install package!

So for you here is the procedure:

1. Download the latest workstation version [atm its 5.0.712] download it here
2. Double click the exe you downloaded, yes do it on the server where the administration kit is installed, this will cause the exe to extract the contents to a folder you specify. After the extraction the exe comes back with an error that its installed on the wrong version OS.
3. Now in the administration kit, go to the node "remote installation" right click it select "New | installation package"
4. Click "Next"
5. Give the package a meaning full name
6. Important: in the dropdown select box select "Make Kaspersky Lab's application package"
7. Now browse to the folder where you extracted the exe in step 2.
8. In the folder select the "workstations.kpd" file and click open
9. Click Next.
10. Select a license key you wish to install along with the package.
11. Click Next.
12. Now the package will be uploaded to the server, click Finish
13. The package will now be displayed in the "remote installations node" right click it and select properties.
14. On the General Tab there isn't really nothing to do except for changing the package name.
15. On the installation Settings you can specify the installation folder (I leave this empty to let it install in the default folder on the workstation, that is

[c:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 5.0 for Windows Workstations]
Select the technology you want to use for data protection
You can set an uninstall and application protection password.
16.On the license tab, you see the license info :-)
17. On the OS Reboot, you can specify what to do after the install.
18. Click OK, you're done! in creating the package.
19. Now right click the package again and select install, You will create an installation task
20. Select Next.
21. Give the deployment task a meaningful name.
22. Now select the type of remote installation: I use push install, it works for me
23. Click Next.
24. The page: Package installation settings is pretty straight forward, I leave it at default.
25. click next.
26. Now choose additional tasks: I always include the Kaspersky Network Agent package, that works best for me. hit Next.
27.Now specify how to select your computers to deploy the package, I use windows networking, hit next.
28. Select the computers where you would like to install the package. hit next.
29. Select the account which will perform the task, I use the default KAK account, hit next.
30. Now the schedule settings, I choose now to do it manually. Hit next.
31. Hit Next again and Finish.
32. Huh where did that task go? Its under the Global Tasks Node.
33. Double click the task you just created under the Global Task Node. Because we are not ready yet!
34. Select the notification TAB, select 'Notify of Every Failure',
35. Select Email, you can click "advanced" to specify other settings then the default KAK settings, yes I know all the fields are empty but you can leave them.
36. go to the General Tab and hit the "START" button.

Well thats it the wonder of installing kaspersky on your network.

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