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Monday, October 01, 2007

Deploy Logmein for Remote Administration

Logmein has been around long enough to be taken very seriously when it comes to remote administration. We all know its strengths and weaknesses (especially the free version) But that is not what I want to discuss here.


The trouble with Logmein is deploying it to a lot of users!

I want to talk about sending mails to users to add their computer to a pool of computers (without you having to do anything besides adding the user as an administrator)


Go to your logmein page as normal and there go to the link [Users].
There select [Add New Administrator]
Fill in the Email Address of the user you want to add his her pc.

Now comes the part that I love: give the user only right to [create installation links]
Specify the group where the user must add his or her pc and you are set.

I know this only works if a user is at least power user or higher, we have software here that requires just that so on my network its not a problem.

I hope this helps you in deploying logmein for your administration tasks.

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