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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Can I prevent my employees from installing Google Desktop?

Can I prevent my employees from installing Google Desktop?
Google Desktop supports a group-policy flag in the registry to limit or prevent installation. An administrator can control installation by configuring the "minimum_allowed_version" and "maximum_allowed_version" values under the "HKLM\Software\Policies\Google\Google Desktop\Enterprise" subkey.

These two values control which Google Desktop versions are allowed to install. Google Desktop versions are expressed with numbers corresponding to the build date, such as 2.2005.0401.0600. To see the version number, just click on the "About" link on the Google Desktop page for the given installation.

To limit the version, configure the minimum_allowed_version and maximum_allowed_version values (type:REG_SZ) using the version number.
To completely prevent installation, configure the maximum_allowed_version value to ""

After an administrator implements this group policy, a user attempting to install a non-approved version will see the following message: "Your Administrative Policy does not allow this version of Google Desktop Search."

If you see this message and would like to install Google Desktop, please contact your system administrator for assistance.


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